Reyer Venezia, De Raffaele: “Varese is one of the surprises.”

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For De Raffaele, Brase’s men are one of the surprises

Reyer Venezia coach Walter De Raffaele spoke to the official channels of the orogranata club ahead of the trip to the Varese court. The orogranata coach pointed out that Brase’s men are among the surprises of this first part of the season: “We meet the team that scores more points on average, having a lot of references on offense and a lot of points in their hands, a team that loves to run the court and is one of the positive surprises of this season. Of course Varese tries to make this characteristic, especially with the 3-point shot, one of the major qualities, which has brought them so much result so far. We will have to be good at trying to limit this ability of theirs to run the court with all players for all 40 minutes, because it is a way in which Varese feeds off having so much athleticism as well.”

“From our side, honestly I would have hoped to use this break to work together, but instead, playfully, it was not possible, except from yesterday and this morning, when everyone came back a little bit. So let’s say that the time to work on things we could have used was not there, and we will have to use the last few practices for the Varese game. Having said that, however, we are riding on the enthusiasm dictated by the qualification of our national teams, excluding Granger who will still have to play, and this is definitely a positive element for the mood because it will allow us to continue working with the right spirit,” De Raffaele continued.

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