Cristiano Ronaldo to Roma, Tiago Pinto spills the beans

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Cristiano Ronaldo to Roma, Tiago Pinto spills the beans

In the summer, Cristiano Ronaldo’s name had also been hinted at Roma. Speaking at the Thinking Football Summit, however, Tiago Pinto revealed, “One of the things that annoys me a bit about Italy is that we always talk about the market. We talk every day, but here in Portugal things are different and we only talk when the session opens. The truth is that Cristiano Ronaldo has never been a possibility for us. These rumors never had any basis, but in Italy we talk every day about three different players, it was easy for the press to approach him to Roma because we are Portuguese (him and Mourinho, ed.) and he is Portuguese, but this, I repeat, never had any basis.”

“When the club was bought it was in a difficult reality,” the Giallorossi executive continued, “because we were within a group of teams that followed the rules of financial fair play. We had to carry out a complete overhaul of the roster in which we had to greatly reduce the payroll and at the same time improve the quality of the team.”

Closing dedicated to the World Cup: “We as a club are always with our hearts in our hands hoping that the players do not get injured, that there are no problems and that they come back well and quickly. As a Portuguese I hope things go well, but if Portugal cannot win I would like Argentina to win. For Dybala and especially for a legend like Messi who deserves to end his career with a World Cup. This, of course, if Portugal doesn’t win, I emphasize that.”

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