Carlos Sainz, dad sees glass half full

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Carlos Sainz’s words.

Time for end-of-season budgets in Formula 1, with that of Carlos Sainz senior on his son.

“The most important thing is that he has been getting better and better. He had six retirements, which were obviously very penalising in terms of points, but he ended up finishing well, going strong and being comfortable. He showed that with the pole position in Austin and in the last two races. Next year’s car has some good changes from the one that made him uncomfortable in 2022,” added the Ferrari driver’s father. It’s no mystery that Sainz has struggled much more than Leclerc to adapt to the F1-75, and next year he will have to start the season much better than he did in the first races in 2022 if he wants to have played all his cards to the fullest in the run-up to the championship,” the Ferrari driver’s father told Dazn.

“Rumors about Binotto? It is difficult to live with all the rumors. There have been problems with strategy, to deny it would be corporatist, but in the end you have to fix things and learn from mistakes. A winning team is not built overnight, and a year ago Ferrari was not fighting for second place in the championship. You need calm, cold blood and make an analysis of the season.”

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