Basketball, fines for two A clubs

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Fines for Tortona and Scafati

After the eighth day of the A Series of basketball, the Sports Judge imposed financial penalties for two clubs, Bertram Yachts Derthona Tortona and Givova Scafati.

BERTRAM YACHTS TORTONA.Fine of Euro 450.00 for sporadic collective offenses of the public to the referees [art. 27,4a RG rec.,art. 24,2b RG]

MARCO PICCHI (president BERTRAM YACHTS TORTONA). Reprimand for disrespectful behavior toward referees [art. 24,2b RG, art. 33,1/1a RG rec.,art. 21,5a RG]

GIVOVA SCAFATI. Fine of Euro 1,000.00 for frequent collective offenses of the public against the referees [art. 27,4b RG rec.,art. 24,4 RG]

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