Davide Rebellin, condolences from Dagnoni and Federciclismo

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FCI president’s message

The Federciclismo (Italian Cycling Federation), through the words of its president Cordiano Dagnoni, expressed its sorrow for the tragic death of Davide Rebellin, who died Wednesday after a road accident in the Veneto region of Italy.

“Davide’s passing,” Dagnoni explained, “hurts us deeply for two reasons. First of all because tragic news once again involves a cyclist. While we do not yet know the dynamics of the accident well, it is clear that much still needs to be done in this country regarding the culture of respect. I would like to emphasize that our sport lives on the road, especially at training sessions. It has been a long time that the Federation has been urging the institutions to intervene with appropriate measures.”

“Then,” continued the FCI number one, “because it touches a member of our great family, who thrilled us with his exploits and who raced in the group until a month ago. Cycling was his life, even now that he had decided to quit, and it is a mocking fate that has overwhelmed him. My thoughts at this time are with his loved ones, to whom I extend a heartfelt hug on behalf of myself, the entire CF, and the great family of cycling.”

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