Miralem Pjanic winks at Juventus

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The words of Miralem Pjanic

Juventus has remained in the heart of Milalem Pjanic, who confirmed to La Gazzetta dello Sport that he would like to return to the Bianconeri one day. “There are many former players I would see at the club. Starting with Chiellini. I played with him, Giorgio is a champion and knows the different areas of the soccer world. In the future I would also like to come back, as a coach or manager. But honestly I haven’t really thought about it yet, I am focused on the field: I would like to play another three years.”

On the Old Lady’s moment: “When such unexpected things happen, everyone is surprised. We will see how the team will react. The people who have stayed inside Juve will know how to find the right words to explain the situation to the players. And then there is Allegri: it will be up to him to compact the group to finish the season on a high note. It won’t be easy, though… Allegri is a great coach, esteemed by all the top clubs. There is no right person for these situations. There are those who get results and Max is one of them. He will succeed again this time, as always.”

He closed on the Scudetto: “Juve is close to the leaders and in January another championship begins, with more pressure for everyone. We’ll see who will be able to handle it better…. I was already optimistic about Juventus in unsuspected times, when the situation was more delicate. I know Allegri and his ability to manage the group well: I had no doubt that he would turn the situation around for the better. Now there is more confidence and the team has its own balance. The Scudetto fight is still open.”

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