Spain, Luis Enrique removes a pebble from his shoe

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Luis Enrique provides clarity

Interviewed on Monday evening by Ibai Llanos, one of Spain’s ‘Twitch’ celebrities, the Red Furies’ now former technical commissioner, Luis Enrique, shed light on his farewell after Spain’s elimination in the Qatar 2022 round of 16 against Morocco, sending among other things a message to Luis de la Fuente, his successor.

“I decided to wait for the final result of the World Cup to see whether or not to stay,” said the former Barcelona and Roma coach, among others. “After the European Championship, the Federation had spoken to me about the possible renewal, but for me it made more sense to wait until the end of a big event. If it goes wrong and they exonerate you, then they have to pay you. After the World Cup I thought I would have to make a decision anyway, but that’s how it went.”

Luis Enrique then spoke about the criticism he received at home, especially at the level of call-ups: “The same thing happens to Southgate in England and the same thing will happen to De la Fuente: there will always be someone who will say that this or that is missing. You have to do your job, the coach is hired to do his job and make his decisions.”

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