Sofia Goggia: “In Beijing the real fear.”

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Sofia Goggia and her two feats: “The risk taken in Beijing was much greater than in St.Moritz.”

Sofia Goggia during the presentation of the documentary “23 Days. The Miracle of Sofia Goggia” airing from December 30 on Sky compared the two feats of Beijing and St.Moritz: “It was more difficult Beijing, because with a wobbly knee it is very very difficult. The risk taken was much greater in Beijing because with a broken hand well or badly you can ski if you believe in it. Of course, if there had been another fall it would have been a huge pain. But in Beijing the difficulty was much greater, because of the importance of the event, the fatigue.”

“In Beijing, with a somewhat wobbly knee, I experienced the concept of fear. The risk I took after the anesthesia, the operation, the fatigue, the problem is showing up at the gate not lucid. Beijing’s remains the feat of my life.”

The slopes where she has not yet won and where she would like to impose herself before the end of her career: “Garmisch, Altemark, and Meribel.”

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