Napoli, Luciano Spalletti swells his chest.

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Luciano Spalletti is not in his skin after the 5-1 win between Napoli and Juve

The days of “Our boxes are spinning,” a phrase with which Luciano Spalletti had commented on the knockout against Inter, already seem far away: Napoli gave an important signal to their rivals on Friday night with their 5-1 win over Juventus, which is worth the momentary +10 lead in the standings over second place.

Spalletti himself, at the microphones of ‘Dazn’ after the game, sent a message to the fans as much as to the rivals: “The boys played a great game, the pace was very high and that’s what we always have to do. It’s also a beautiful night because there was a beautiful crowd: this team has been able to recreate this love for these colors and a game like tonight, if you play it like this, gives everyone satisfaction. The goal is to always play like we did tonight. Celebration? Tonight, with my children, but tomorrow we go back to training.”

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