Reyer Venezia, Gianluca Tucci has a thought for Walter De Raffaele

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Gianluca Tucci dedicates a thought to Walter De Raffaele

On the sidelines of the Eurocup defeat against Lietkabelis (87-84 the final score), Umana Reyer Venezia’s interim coach Gianluca Tucci (who will leave the position of head coach to Neven Spahija in the coming days) also spoke about Walter De Raffaele, who was exonerated after the knockout loss against Brindisi last Sunday in the league.

“I want to dedicate a thought to Walter De Raffaele,” Tucci said at the press conference, “now a new page opens, but these years of success will never be forgotten.

On the game, Tucci added, “It’s a very delicate moment for us. It was a very difficult game before, it became even more so during because we didn’t find the key to limit Morris’ talent. We did a good tactical job on Orelik and, at times, on Kullamae, but not enough on Morris who came to the last shot with great confidence. Our main focus now is on how much energy we can express during the game, and I’m still pleased with how much intensity each player put in.”

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