Matteo Berrettini how is he doing? Important confirmation on his condition

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Good signs ahead of the return to the field.

Matteo Berrettini is already feeling good, and he aims to prove it in Indian Wells. This is guaranteed by Stefano Massari, his long-time mental coach, who explained to ‘Supertennis’ that the break has served the Roman to recharge after recent disappointments. And that, indeed, his physical condition would have allowed him to return to play long ago.

“After the Australian Open he was infuriated by the defeat, but also sorry for not being able to turn around a match that he had also managed to resume,” Massari assured about Berrettini. “But if we exclude the most recent physical problem, Matteo was already well after Naples. So much so that when Filippo Volandri needed for him in the Davis Cup, he always responded present.”

“He was already well before Acapulco,” Massari added. “Then other times he managed to win immediately after an absence, like in Stuttgart and Queen’s. This time he won three and lost as many, including the loss to Murray in Melbourne. But if on that match point the ball had been 2 inches higher, we would now be talking about another start to the season for Berrettini.”

“He stayed longer precisely to train better, take time and be more continuous after the comeback. Let’s not forget that Berrettini comes from a complicated year, in which he was able to play but also train little. But now he is doing well and is happy in general with how his life is progressing,” Massari concluded.

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