Reyer, Casarin no-nonsense about the season’s budget

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Reyer, Casarin no-nonsense about the season’s budget

After being eliminated in the first round of the playoffs at the hands of Dinamo Sassari, Reyer Venezia president Federico Casarin spoke bluntly about the orogranata’s season, characterized among other things by a running change on the bench from De Raffaele to Neven Spahija.

“It was a different season from the others, with many ups and downs and several mistakes made. We played an important finale after it had taken a bad turn, we showed all our will and determination to reach the fourth place. Unfortunately, we lacked that extra something in the playoffs, but reaching the post season was a must, despite the fact that at one point in the season it seemed like a very difficult goal,” the president of the Lagosians began to the “Gazzettino.”

“Mistakes are part of the game. In a season there are moments of difficulty, lack of lucidity and defeats. We hit Final Eight and palyoffs, goals to which Reyer is right to aspire every year but which are never a given. When you close a year like the one we had, it is proper to make some reflections and a serious and in-depth analysis,” concluded Federico Casarin.

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