Massimiliano Allegri officially king of the “short snout”

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Massimiliano Allegri officially king of the "short snout"

Massimiliano Allegri è a record man. With the victory over Roma è he became the most successful coach for "the short muzzle" as he says using a term from horseracing, a discipline particularly dear to him (è he owns racehorses). In fact, in Serie A no other coach has won so many times by 1-0 as the current Juve coach, who with today&#39s came to 76, surpassing Carlo Ancelotti with whom he was so far tied at 75.

Allegri però continues to hide in the Scudetto key even though with all these victories, albeit by a narrow margin, è only 2 points behind the leading Inter and a step away from the platonic winter title. Juventus has won 10 of its last 13 games, including 6 by 1-0, and in 2023 for the Bianconeri the one with Roma è was the 12th success with this score.

Last night to decide the match with the Giallorossi è was Rabiot, in his third goal of the season in the league after those against Udinese and Monza, but è was the first scored at the Stadium at home and the ninth of the calendar year in all competitions, a personal record. Quite a transformation for one who no more than two seasons ago was one of the most mistreated by Juventus fans and seemed destined to leave the Juventus side of the Po.

On the first day of 2024, the 19th of this championship, Juve will be engaged in Salerno against the Campania granata, while Inter at San Siro will host Verona. In short, the Nerazzurri are favored to turn the halfway mark in the league standings but never give Massimiliano Allegri and the Old Lady for dead.

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