Lautaro scores, Sommer saves a penalty: Inter takes the lead again

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Lautaro scores, Sommer saves a penalty: Inter returns to the lead

At the Stadio Artemio Franchi in Florence, Inter painfully beat Fiorentina 1-0 in today’s last match valid for the 22nd day of Serie A.

The match opened immediately with a thrill for the Nerazzurri: Sommer’s wrong pass to Pavard, Bonaventura served Nzola who had his shot rejected by the goalkeeper of the leading team but è in an irregular position. On 9’ Quarta gives the ball to Lautaro who flies towards the goal but Terracciano parries his shot.

At 11’ Nzola again offside and this time the Angolan had scored. On 14’ Thuram from the right for Carlos Augusto who had his shot blocked by Faraoni. At 15’ Inter took the lead: corner by Asllani on which Lautaro at the first post put in a header. There’è control at Var for an alleged irregularity by Toro but in the end the goal is validated.

On 33’ Terracciano repulses a Frattesi conclusion served by Thuram, a minute later è Sommer to miraculously save on a Bonaventura shot found by a Faraoni cross. In the recovery of the first half Nzola, again him, shoots in the diagolane of Potenza but Bastoni deflects into a corner.

Resume. In 69’ Nzola, and who else, canò serve Bonaventura solissimo and instead shoots directly at goal but Pavard walls him. At 73’ Sommer comes out to avalanche on Nzola, then Quarta hits a header and Darmian saves on the line. After the Var check Aureliano awards the penalty to Fiorentina for Sommer’s intervention on Nzola but Nico Gonzalez has it parried by the Swiss extreme defender.

Nothing to do for Fiorentina in the’last quarter of an hour and in the recovery, Inter goes back to the top of the standings and arrives at the direct clash with Juventus with a point ahead and a game less.

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