Luca Marini won’t stand for it: dry clarification on his future

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The desire è to revive, driving away cascomarket rumors.

Luca Marini does not stand for this, and with his statements he makes it very clear. The beginning of Valentino Rossi's brother’s adventure in Honda has è proved to be quite turbulent so far, but this does not come with any phantom news in his future in MotoGP. To make this known è the person directly concerned from Montmelò, the scene of the weekend that will culminate in the Catalan Grand Prix.

In fact, Marini, meeting with journalists on Thursday dedicated to the press at the Catalan circuit, wanted to clarify his situation with Honda. In particular, he categorically denied the possibility that either party wants to separate from the other: "This makes me angry. I think these are rumors that have been spread out of someone&#39s interest. But I am happy with this adventure and this project".

"We are just at the beginning, it has only been five races,” Marini recalled.

Everyone in Honda is giving it their all, with each test new parts come in and the situation could quickly change. I go to the track focused and happy, at Mugello we tried many things and I think the overall picture is positive".

"The fact that it is tough è true, since last year I was fighting in every race to get on the podium. Today, however, I fight for every single point, and moreover è complicated to win that too. I am però happy with the people who work with me in Honda, I believe that things over time will improve", concluded Marini.

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