Napoli and Juventus: tug-of-war approaches for Giovanni Di Lorenzo

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The future of the captain of the shield è still to be determined.

Calciomercato Napoli: Giovanni Di Lorenzo, captain of the historic 2023 Scudetto, è has become a real case in the run-up to next season. While Antonio Conte has made no secret of his willingness to confirm him in the team and the club has considered him incedible, Juventus is knocking hard on his door. And it all promises to turn into a tug-of-war that could characterize the summer of the two rival clubs.

Despite the wall-to-wall between Napoli and Mario Giuffredi, Di Lorenzo’s agent, new Azzurri coach Conte reportedly tried to speak personally with the lateral, stressing the importance he would have for the team he is preparing to set up. The player's response would, however, have been anything but promising.

According to what has been gathered by 'Sportitalia', in fact, Di Lorenzo would have explained to Conte that he believes his cycle at Napoli is over. Not only that, he would also be willing to accept Juventus's offer by wearing the Bianconeri jersey already from next season. In that case, an agreement between the clubs would be needed, since the player has an existing contract until June 30, 2028.

"I take note of the note issued by SSC Napoli on behalf of the president. However, I would like toò remind everyone, including De Laurentiis, that our actions and decisions inevitably flow from his statements. On May 19, on the occasion of the press conference of the double retreat Dimaro-Castel Di Sangro, the same patron publicly declared that all the players in the roster, no one excluded and including Di Lorenzo, were transferable", Giuffredi, Di Lorenzo’s agent, had declared in the midst of his war with the Neapolitan club and Aurelio De Laurentiis.

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