Cagliari: Davide Nicola is approaching for the bench

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The decision on the new coach should be imminent.

Cagliari soccer market: Davide Nicola è is getting closer and closer to becoming the next Rossoblù coach, taking the place left vacant by Claudio Ranieri. The Piedmontese coach è still linked to Empoli, which he led to an extraordinary salvation, but the island leadership is trying to tighten contacts to snatch from him the long-awaited sì.

According to reports from 'Sky Sport', Cagliari has reportedly obtained permission to discuss with Nicola about his possible future in Sardinia. Contextually, forò, Empoli itself is discussing with the man who at present remains its coach. Before evaluating the market sirens, in fact, the latter would like clarifications on the Azzurri&#39s future plans.

Nicola seems willing to stay at Empoli, but only in the presence of precise technical guarantees. The first would represent a block confirmation of the defense with which he ended last season, an aspect on which the distance with the Tuscan management seems to exist. And it could therefore definitely open the door to Cagliari.

"I want to tell you one thing, stay close to these guys. Sure they may make mistakes, but if you are behind them supporting them, they will always walk tall. When they play, they are always thinking about the Island. They are aware of the difficulties that you have to face every time you follow us away", Ranieri had said in front of Cagliari fans on the occasion of his last game as Rossobl&ugrave coach.

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