Olimpia Milano, Christos Stavropoulos wants referees who are up to the task.

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The series è currently tied: 1-1

Today, ball game at 8:30 p.m., the third act of the Scudetto final between Olimpia Milano and Virtus Bologna is staged. After the first two games played in Bologna, the series è in perfect balance (1-1). Clearly, game 3 will direct the series (best of five games). Stavropoulos, GM of Olimpia, has made a request to the LBA.

"Several decisions have affected the ’trend, and I am talking about identical situations judged with two different meters in the two halves of the court. What we are asking è for there to be referees equal to a Scudetto final. And so far there have not been", the two words of the biancorosse executive reported by La Repubblica.

There'è also a clear example of how, in his opinion, the referees did not behave in the appropriate manner. It goes back to Game 1 and the'last play of regulation time: "The foul not whistled on Napier in the’last play of Game 1 that sent us into overtime, seriously threatened to lose us that game". AX then won the game at the end of the overtime thanks to a super Shields.

A decisive stance that will, certainly, cause a range of reactions. Fortunately, it’s back to the game. The Forum will be sold-out for the third act of the Olimpia Milano-Virtus Bologna challenge, which has now also become a real chess match off the parquet.

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