Max Verstappen is already thinking about his farewell

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The words of Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen to the Dutch newspaper De Limburger returned to talk about his future and in particular when he will say goodbye to Formula 1. “Traveling a lot is not healthy. I still enjoy it a lot now, but you have to give up a lot of things for it. I have often stressed that this is the main reason why I will not continue racing until I am 40 years old.”

“It sounds crazy because driving a Formula 1 car is obviously a dream for many people and it really is. But you’re a long way from home and the people you love; there comes a time when you can’t take it anymore. I definitely want children and if they want to race there will be no problem, however I would give them a different upbringing than dad and mom did with me. They did everything to push me to run, I will let my children decide, they will have to want to. If that is the case, it will be important for me to be with them when they are three to four years old, to start laying the groundwork. While it is easy for me to talk now that I don’t have them, maybe I will think differently when the time comes in the future.”

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