Dinamo Sassari, Piero Bucchi frames key points to maintain the home court factor

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Piero Bucchi’s words ahead of game 3 between Dinamo Sassari and Reyer Venezia

After snatching the home court factor with the victory in game 2, Piero Bucchi spoke at the press conference dwelling mainly on the crucial aspects his boys will have to keep in mind to take the lead in the series.

“The guys did great. They played a decisive and careful game, we wanted a win and we got it. We have already turned the page, we will have to be ready to counter the energy and aggressiveness they will put on the court. I expect a very tough contest and Venice’s talent will come out. We will face this match with the knowledge that our opponent will do everything to try to take back the court factor,” said the Sardinians’ coach.

“When you play in the playoffs you have to try to predict what the opponent will do, you have to be good at understanding what they will do and react accordingly. We will have to restart from our certainties trying to read every moment of the game in the right way,” added Piero Bucchi.

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