Juventus, Leonardo Bonucci heading to Premier League

©Getty Images

The Azzurri national player still has one year left on his contract with the Bianconeri

Bonucci’s long love affair with Juventus could come to an unfortunate end. After his year at AC Milan (2017/18 season), the 1987-class defender had returned to the Bianconeri with the clear intention of ending his career in Turin but there could be a different ending.

Although Bonucci still has one year left on his contract with the Old Lady, his future would be all to be written. Juventus, in front of a valid proposal, would be willing to let him go so as to save the 12 million euros gross salary.

Newcastle, after securing Tonali for a huge sum (80 million euros), would also be ready to come forward for Bonucci. The Azzurri center-back has been close, several times, to the Premier League, this could be the right time. There would also be an Arab track but, at the moment, Bonucci would not be at all interested in this option. Now the eventual official proposal from Newcastle is awaited.

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