Gianmarco Pozzecco closes to naturalized

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The words of Gianmarco Pozzecco

Long interview for Gianmarco Pozzecco with Corriere della Sera ahead of the World Cup: “The reality remains unchanged. If I woke up and found out that, to say, Germany won, I wouldn’t be surprised; but I wouldn’t be surprised either if Germany finished 12th. I counted at least 12 teams capable of imposing themselves: it will be a balanced World Cup. Going back to the previous question, I say that Italy has grown, also because of the bond that the boys have with the Azzurri jersey. I chose a group that would work for an identity ahead of the World Cup. Was there a risk of someone taking advantage, feeling secure in their place? No, the Italian player is responsible.”

“Paolo Banchero made his choice, a legitimate one: to play for the USA. We did everything to have him, we were also unlucky: without Covid he would have worn the blue. President Petrucci, after Darius Thompson opted out, declared that we will no longer focus on naturalized players? Totally agree with him: he is the number one executive in Italian sports. Is it the fox and grapes fairy tale? For naturalized people, the national team is an opportunity. But when it becomes less so, everything changes. Thompson, a good person, cannot then have the same feeling as Spissu, who represents Sardinia.”

“My wife Tanya is in Valencia with Gala, the baby. When I see them on video call I can hardly keep from getting on the phone. And I’m sorry the kids haven’t met their, uh, little sister yet. A coach has two paths: either prepare to justify a potential disaster, but lose the respect of the players, or live the dream with them. I choose the second option,” the national team coach concluded.

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