Fabio Quartararo corrects his pitch against Yamaha

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Fabio Quartararo corrects his pitch against Yamaha

After giving an interview to motorsport.com in which he delivered some harsh words against Yamaha, Fabio Quartararo corrected his tune a bit in the press conference on the eve of the three-day MotoGP class Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg. Here are the words of the French world champion in 2021, quotes only from the Italian version of motorsport.com.

“I want to face this second part of the season as if it was my first year in MotoGP. I want to give my 100 percent and I want the team to do the same. It was difficult to accept that I went from fighting for the title to fighting for the top 10, it hurts a lot. During the first 10 races of the year I was furious because I am aware of my potential, I know what I can do.”

“It will be important for me to approach these remaining 10 races differently. The first ones were very frustrating in terms of results and in the next ten I think it will be important to do them by giving my best, giving 100 percent, whatever the result is, and try to regain some joy and positivity in the team.”

“I don’t even want to look at positions anymore, just give 100 percent, let the team give 100 percent and it doesn’t matter what the result is: get experience and try to get experience for next year as well. Halfway through the season is difficult. You can’t do anything different. For me the No. 1 goal is the engine, you can’t touch it. We will use the new aerodynamics, I think it can be very effective on this circuit. But you can’t do a million things.”

“I honestly don’t think about 2024. We just give our best and try to have fun. If we give 100 percent and finish ninth, we should be happy with this result. I think the first part of the season was frustrating because my goal was always to be in front, but we didn’t have the bike or the potential to be in front. Now we will try to do it differently and have fun.”

“The Red Bull Ring is a circuit I really like. Then it is so complicated. It has never been a circuit for Yamaha, but personally, as I said, I have no expectations for this Grand Prix. I just want to give my best, no matter what position I am in. I think it will be important to keep calm and get my smile back on the bike.”

“A top 10? I don’t know, I have no expectations, but it will be important to give my best. I don’t know what the position will be on a circuit like this or Barcelona or Misano. It doesn’t matter what the result will be. If I give 100 percent and know that it was the right result in relation to my pace, we will be satisfied.”

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