Treviso, Booker promises ‘big things’

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The words of Deishuan Booker

New Nutribullet Treviso acquisition Deishuan Booker spoke to 'The Gazette' ahead of the new season. "It&#39s always nice to join a new environment, I love playing basketball so I can&#39t wait to start this new season. I am pumped up, we are a good group and I am eager to get on the court".

"I met Coach Vitucci and ds Giofrè in Las Vegas. We went to lunch together in Little Italy and è everything went right, the conversation è went well and I thought Treviso could be the right place for me" he later admitted.

Clear ideas for the season goal: "I am the first one who expects a lot from himself, I have great desire to improve. I think this is a’very good team, I have high expectations for our future. Of course I hate to lose, although it is part of the game. But I think if we can build a good group chemistry in terms of timing and communication with each other, we can really expect great things".

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