NBA, Philadelphia turns out to be the best in the East

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The LA Clippers also lose, beaten by Brooklyn

Many NBA contests played in the night. The challenge between the best two teams in the East smiles on Philadelphia, which beats Boston in a sprint (106-103 the final). Embiid finished with 27 points and 10 rebounds. Now the 76ers are starting to look scary because of their great solidity.

There were 10 points by Fontecchio in the game his Utah Jazz lost to the Indiana Pacers (134-118). Badly the LA Clippers, outscored 100-93 by Brooklyn. San Antonio also falls, defeated at Madison Square Garden by the Knicks (126-105). Wembanyama finishes with 14 points.

Gallinari smiles (18 points). His Wizards beat Charlotte (132-116) thanks to a superb second quarter (41-17 partial). Even with Antetokounmpo out of the game (ejected in the third period), Milwaukee folds Detroit (120-118). Phoenix won in overtime with Chicago (116-115) while the LA Lakers collapsed against Houston (128-94). LeBron James put up 18 points).

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