Olimpia Milano, Nikola Mirotic points the way to the scudetto

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The words of Nikola Mirotic

Nikola Mirotic spoke to Sport Mediaset ahead of the Scudetto final that will feature his Olimpia Milano against Virtus Bologna. “We will have to have a winning mentality, and that means being ready for anything, having self-confidence. When I say “winning mentality” I mean we will have to win on the road, overturn the court factor".

"We know how complicated it is, we have to have all 12 men ready and on the ball to play. Even small details make a difference in games like these… it could be the rebounds that are decisive, or the greater desire to get on contested balls. The difference between us and Bologna will be; this. We will have to be ready, have confidence, believe in our team. We are in a good moment, in good shape. Now è the time to prove it and give everything in these weeks”.

“Shengelia’s greatest quality è the desire to compete, the fighting spirit that he always has. And on top of that; è he is a very unselfish player. I think these are huge qualities è that all players would like to have. È it’s great to have such a teammate … and then è my Orthodox brother!".

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