Valentino Rossi, Andrea Dovizioso impressed: “There are no equals in the world.”

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Andrea Dovizioso impressed by the Ranch track: “It’s like paradise here.”

Andrea Dovizioso warms up his engines before the start of the ‘100 km of Champions,’ the classic end-of-season event with flat track bikes at Valentino Rossi’s Ranch in Tavullia.

The former MotoGp rider from Forlì to Sky’s microphones commented enthusiastically on the event, “Apart from the names of the riders, there are two positives to being here. There are passionate people, we are among ourselves and we have fun, like a motocross day. These are dirt bikes modified for flat track, these are not the bikes they use in America. It’s a created discipline, they are ready-made bikes, you don’t have to do almost any modifications.”

Dovizioso praised the track, “We are at a track that is a paradise, there is nowhere in the world such a big track for this discipline, there is a chance to train but it is also a very competitive race, very fun, so why not be there?” is also on Instagram. Follow us (if you’d like)
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