Virtus Bologna, Sergio Scariolo’s deputy fears one Brindisi player in particular

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Seravalli is worried about the trip to Puglia

Virtus Bologna assistant coach Alberto Seravalli presented the match scheduled for Sunday, January 22, which will see the team led by Sergio Scariolo engaged in an away game on the parquet of Brindisi.

“We face Brindisi, which has added Lamb, a player we know from the game with Scafati. It is a team of well-distributed talent, both among the outside and inside players. We will have to be good at limiting their points of reference, playing a careful, solid and physical game defensively. On offense we will have to play in a choral way, finding good shooting solutions by limiting lost balls. We expect a warm environment, Brindisi is a city with great passion for basketball: they will want to react in front of their fans after this particular moment of the season. From our point of view we want to proudly maintain the position in the standings that we have earned after the first half of the season,” revealed the Vu Nere’s assistant coach, who is worried about one opponent in particular.

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