Luca Marini reveals Valentino Rossi’s reaction to his farewell

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Luca Marini reveals Valentino Rossi’s reaction to his farewell

Luca Marini&#39s choice to sign with Honda for the next two seasons has caused a lot of discussion and as a hype è it was second only to Marc Marquez's landing on Ducati. The former VR46 centaur to the daily Sport wanted to explain what prompted him to try a different path and leave the team of his brother Valentino Rossi.

"I amo happy, I am curious to see me in this new team. It will be a challenge, because at the moment the RC213V is not è the best bike , but I want to work together with the team and Honda to bring them back to where they deserve to be. The deal è was a combination of several things, and the opportunity came after Marc's farewell announcement. The announcement in October complicated everything, and so many people came forward, I saw an opportunity’for my personal growth".

Marini revealed Valentino Rossi&#39s reaction: "It&#39s been interesting. We talked a lot about it, è the first person I called. Valentino was torn between recognizing a wonderful opportunityà for me and knowing that we would be splitting the team that for a long time è was fighting to win the title of best team".

In the end, Luca’s willà got the better of him: "I feel like a very strong rider, I wanted to be on par with Pecco and Martin, to prove my worth on the track. Having an official bike canò make the difference".

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