NBA, bad news for Memphis: season over for Morant

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Troubled season for all-star who will now be in the pits for a long time

An uphill season ending in the worst way. After coming to terms with a lengthy early-season disqualification (25 games) for notorious social appearances with a firearm in his hands, Morant è returned with a great desire to do well. Unfortunately, misfortune è turned on him. As communicated by the Grizzlies, his season è to be considered over.

Morant, in fact, will have to undergo surgery for a right shoulder problem. In fact, there will not beà time to return to the field. He will beà available again for the 2024/25 season. In total, he finished with only nine games played, averaging 25.1 points and also 8.1 assists. With him on the court, Memphis’ record was decidedly positive: six wins and three losses.

It should be remembered that Morant, a two-time All-Star, è in his first year of a five-year, multimillion-dollar contract, worth an impressive $197 million total. Clearly, this injury represents a heavy stop for his growth but also for the Memphis franchise that has invested heavily in him, making him the main point of reference for the entire roster. An absence that will weigh heavily. After Adams, the Grizzlies also lose Morant to injury.

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